The quickest and easiest way to establish a connection between a local machine (the computer you are connecting from) and a remote server (the computer/server you are connecting to) using FileZilla is by using the 'Quickconnect' bar.

  1. Enter the correct Host/Domain/IP address into the 'Host:' field. This could be the server name, the server IP, domain name, and in some cases For a pingnu account, will be fine so long as it is properly pointed towards the server.
  2. Enter the correct username into the 'Username:' field. This can be the webmin username which is also sftp.
  3. Enter the correct password for the user previously entered.
  4. Enter port 222 for SFTP.
  5. Click the 'Quickconnect' button. In the window immediately below, results of the the connection will be shown. A successful connection will end in Directory listing successful.

Obtaining and Installing FileZilla

FileZilla is a cross platform graphical FTP, FTPS, and SFTP client. It is developed by the open source community and released free of charge under the GNU (General Public License).

With FileZilla you can upload, download, and maintain files on remote servers, and it is a great tool for managing and maintaining website files through the use of a user friendly graphical interface.

    How to obtain FileZilla


  1. FileZilla can be downloaded from
  2. Click the left gray box for the the client download. It is important that you get the Client version and not the Server version.
  3. To download, click the green 'Sourceforge' box which has detected your operating system and selected the appropriate version.
  4. Once downloaded, follow the installation instructions.